In 1978, founder of Clero Landscaping, Powell Fox, graduated from North Carolina State University with a degree in Landscape Horticulture and Design. As a student, Powell was asked to come up with a hypothetical company name to sign on class projects. One night while working on a project, he looked down to see his pet bulldog Clero looking back up at him. From that moment on the name stuck and in 1980 Clero Landscaping Inc. became official.

From the beginning, Clero Landscaping has concentrated on providing outstanding personalized landscaping service for our clients while always keeping a keen eye for detail and quality work. We believe that functionality and aesthetics are important. Clero provides a full range of landscaping services for both residential and commercial projects. Although Clero Landscaping is a much larger company today than we were in 1980, we still maintain the excellent personalized service and quality that has been our focus from the start.